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Helpful Links

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Helpful Pet Links

Part of being a responsible pet owner is being knowledgeable about various pet issues, including toxic substances, diet, and parasite prevention. All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge in Rittman, OH, has created the following list of web links to provide you with helpful information on these and other pet-related topics.

American Veterinary Medical Association

(AVMA): Not-for-profit association that aims to lead veterinary professionals by advancing the science and practice of veterinary medicine to improve animal and human health. Learn more here.

American Animal Hospital Association
(AAHA): Accrediting body for animal hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. Site provides information for pet owners, including a pet health library that address behavior, general health, and other topics. Learn more here.
ASPCA Animal Poison Control
Provides information about poisonous foods, plants, and other substances as well as the symptoms of poisoning in pets. Learn more here.
Heartworm Society
Provides information (including prevention tips) about the potentially fatal disease, heartworm, which can affect dogs, cats, and ferrets. Learn more here.
PetPlan Insurance
Provides information about dog and cat health insurance, including various plan and coverage options. Learn more here.